[Bug libquadmath/105101] incorrect rounding for sqrtq

already5chosen at yahoo dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Fri Jun 10 16:16:58 GMT 2022


--- Comment #16 from Michael_S <already5chosen at yahoo dot com> ---
(In reply to Thomas Koenig from comment #14)
> @Michael: Now that gcc 12 is out of the door, I would suggest we try to get
> your code into the gcc tree for gcc 13.
> It should follow the gcc style guidelines, which is quite trivial to do:
> Comments should be in /* - */ format, and clang-format --style=gnu does the
> rest.
> (If you prefer, I can also handle that).
> Regarding copyright, you can either assign it to the FSF (which would take
> a bit) or, probably easier, you can use the Signed-off-by: tag as per
> https://gcc.gnu.org/contribute.html#legal .
> You would then submit the patch to gcc-patches@gcc.gnu.org; if you prefer,
> I can also help a bit with the style issues (ChangeLog etc) for that.
> It would then be reviewed and, if any problems identified are fixed,
> applied - which I can also do.
> How does that sound?

Sounds not bad except I would want to have a copy of my own part of the work in
my public github repo to share it with world under MIT or BSD or plain giveaway
Is it a problem?

Also, if we start than it makes sense to replace more common routines (add, mul
and esp. fma) as well.

Also, I suspect that transcendental, esp trigs, can be improved by quite a lot
if they are currently done in the style, similar to sqrt() and fma().

Also the code will be cleaner and marginally better performance-wise if we base
it on clang-style add_carry64(). 
According to my understanding, gcc is going to implement it in the future
anyway, so why not now?

As to this specific routines, the variants posted here still contain one bug in 
handling of sub-normal inputs (a corner case of lowest non-zero).
Also, for square root I have variant that is a little simple and performs
somewhat better. And commented better.

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