[Bug fortran/105473] semicolon allowed when list-directed read integer with decimal='point'

jvdelisle at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Fri Jun 3 21:04:22 GMT 2022


--- Comment #22 from Jerry DeLisle <jvdelisle at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
12.11.2 (6) says "if the statement is a READ statement or the error 
condition occurs in a wait operation for a transfer initiated by a READ
statement, all input items or namelist group objects in the statement that
initiated the transfer become undefined;"

By undefined, it means you cant rely on it whether or not it has a value read
into it or not.  It is undefined by the standard and to the user, so it could
be anything,

There was one last place I am going to check in the code before I am done.
(maybe ;))

Regarding NAG, yes we always use to like to see that interpretation.

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