[Bug tree-optimization/105802] [13 Regression] ICE: in irange_intersect, at value-range.cc:1955 with -funswitch-loops

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Thu Jun 2 06:36:54 GMT 2022


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The master branch has been updated by Richard Biener <rguenth@gcc.gnu.org>:


commit r13-925-g4a6b8d9aad9f68eec223cc126d9effbf45e37271
Author: Richard Biener <rguenther@suse.de>
Date:   Wed Jun 1 15:42:06 2022 +0200

    tree-optimization/105802 - another unswitching type issue

    This also fixes the type of the irange used for unswitching of
    switch statements.

            PR tree-optimization/105802
            * tree-ssa-loop-unswitch.cc (find_unswitching_predicates_for_bb):
            Make sure to also compute the range in the type of the switch

            * g++.dg/opt/pr105802.C: New testcase.

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