[Bug jit/100380] Segfault when using inline asm

bouanto at zoho dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Sat May 15 14:13:45 GMT 2021


--- Comment #4 from Antoni <bouanto at zoho dot com> ---
I just had a similar issue when developing a new feature for libgccjit and it
might be the same problem. If it is (I haven't checked in this case), here's
what's happening:

 * The asm is replayed.
 * The asm tries to access the replayed variable (which wasn't replayed yet
because it was created after the asm).
 * Segfault (the rest is not executed, but is shown to explain what's
 * The variable is replayed (too late because it was NULL when accessed by the

Again it's to be verified, and I'm not sure what should be the solution to this
problem because the mementos are replayed in the order they were created.

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