[Bug fortran/97176] Cannot return deferred length strings when using -fno-automatic

jeremy at jeremysanders dot net gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Thu Sep 24 06:44:13 GMT 2020


--- Comment #3 from Jeremy Sanders <jeremy at jeremysanders dot net> ---
I'm not using -fno-automatic out of choice, unfortunately (I'd never use it
otherwise). I maintaining part of a large software package which has this
switched on (for unclear reasons). It will require some testing to remove this

What would be really useful is a warning in the manual which makes it clear
that it is a bad idea to use this option. This would help prevent people
switching it on without knowing that it breaks standards-conforming code.
Unless you know the fortran standard well, it just seems a minor code
generation option from the current docs. I'd be happy if this bug was closed
with a documentation update (or a warning is added for this case).

What about adding something like

"Use of this option is highly discouraged as it can break standard-conforming
code. Its use is only intended as a short-term fix for non-standard code."


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