[Bug tree-optimization/96579] [8/9/10 Regression] ICE in gimple check: expected gimple_assign(error_mark), have gimple_nop() in gimple_assign_rhs1, at gimple.h:2605 since r7-950-g8a85cee26eabf5cf

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Fri Sep 11 12:12:17 GMT 2020


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The releases/gcc-10 branch has been updated by Richard Biener


commit r10-8749-g228c6a864577098f1b3aeeb412c2eb5f05787f02
Author: Richard Biener <rguenther@suse.de>
Date:   Thu Aug 27 10:02:22 2020 +0200

    tree-optimization/96579 - another special-operands fix in reassoc

    This makes sure to put special-ops expanded rhs left where
    expression rewrite expects it.

    2020-08-27  Richard Biener  <rguenther@suse.de>

            PR tree-optimization/96579
            * tree-ssa-reassoc.c (linearize_expr_tree): If we expand
            rhs via special ops make sure to swap operands.

            * gcc.dg/pr96579.c: New testcase.

    (cherry picked from commit ff7463172e564c5dd2432d7af8eaa0124cbd4af7)

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