[Bug lto/95604] LTO doesn't pick up -fcf-protection flag for the link step

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Fri Sep 11 10:21:17 GMT 2020


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The releases/gcc-10 branch has been updated by Matthias Klose


commit r10-8742-g5c7cf559e6a51ebb41631bfc8396d6ab9f992499
Author: Matthias Klose <doko@ubuntu.com>
Date:   Fri Sep 11 12:21:06 2020 +0200

    LTO: pick up -fcf-protection flag for the link step

    2020-07-14  Matthias Klose  <doko@ubuntu.com>

            PR lto/95604
            * lto-wrapper.c (merge_and_complain): Add decoded options as
            error on different values for -fcf-protection.
            (append_compiler_options): Pass -fcf-protection option.
            (find_and_merge_options): Add decoded options as parameter,
            pass decoded_options to merge_and_complain.
            (run_gcc): Pass decoded options to find_and_merge_options.
            * lto-opts.c (lto_write_options): Pass -fcf-protection option.

    (cherry picked from commit 6a48d12475cdb7375b98277f8bc089715feeeafe)

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