[Bug target/95285] AArch64:aarch64 medium code model proposal

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Wed May 27 08:09:04 GMT 2020


--- Comment #6 from Bu Le <bule1 at huawei dot com> ---
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> Well the question is whether we're talking about more than 4GB of code or
> more than 4GB of data. With >4GB code you're indeed stuck with the large
> model. With data it is feasible to automatically use malloc for arrays when
> larger than a certain size, so there is no need to change the application at
> all. Something like that could be the default in the small model so that you
> don't have any extra overhead unless you have huge arrays. Making the
> threshold configurable means you can tune it for a specific application.

Is this automatic malloc already avaiable on some target? I haven't found an
example that works in that way. Would you mind provide an example?

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