[Bug middle-end/95163] [8/9/10/11 Regression] ICE in gimplify_adjust_omp_clauses, at gimplify.c:10440 since r7-4447-gb4c3a85be9658537

john.donners at atos dot net gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Mon May 25 12:15:11 GMT 2020


--- Comment #2 from John Donners <john.donners at atos dot net> ---
hmm, indeed I found the applicable text in the standard (2.14) as well:
"The effect of the firstprivate clause is as if it is applied to one or more
constructs as follows: To the target construct if it is among the constituent
constructs and the same list item does not appear in a lastprivate or map

Apologies for the invalid code. Splitting the two works without problems.

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