[Bug c++/95223] [11 regression] hash table checking failed: equal operator returns true for a pair of values with a different hash value

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Wed May 20 13:19:26 GMT 2020


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commit r11-522-g610ae2dbbf98a291782cb05c0fb31e056193e5e2
Author: Patrick Palka <ppalka@redhat.com>
Date:   Wed May 20 09:15:48 2020 -0400

    c++: spec_hasher and TYPENAME_TYPE resolution [PR95223]

    After enabling sanitization of the specialization tables, we are
    triggering one of the hash table sanity checks in the below testcase.

    The reason is that when looking up the specialization j<int> in the
    type_specializations table, the sanity check finds that the existing
    entry j<n<t>::m> compares equal to j<int> but hashes differently.

    The discrepancy is due to structural_comptypes looking through
    TYPENAME_TYPEs (via resolve_typename_type), something which
    iterative_hash_template_arg doesn't do.  So the TYPENAME_TYPE n<t>::m is
    considered equal to int, but the hashes of these two template arguments
    are different.

    It seems wrong for the result of a specialization table lookup to depend
    on the current scope, so this patch makes structural_comptypes avoid
    calling resolve_typename_type when comparing_specializations.

    In order for the below testcase to deterministically trigger the
    sanitization error without this patch, we also need to fix the location
    of the call to hash_table::verify within hash_table::find_with_hash.


            PR c++/95223
            * hash-table.h (hash_table::find_with_hash): Move up the call to


            PR c++/95223
            * typeck.c (structural_comptypes): Don't perform
            context-dependent resolution of TYPENAME_TYPEs when


            PR c++/95223
            * g++.dg/template/typename23.C: New test.

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