[Bug tree-optimization/95019] Optimizer produces suboptimal code related to -ftree-ivopts

amker at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed May 13 04:39:42 GMT 2020


--- Comment #1 from bin cheng <amker at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
Please provide the exact configuration/compilation command lines in bug report
next time, which could save others' time to reproduce.  Considering I didn't
touch mips for years.

As for this specific issue, note right now SCEV can't model C000005A1, thus
DEST[C000005A1] and Src[C000005A1], so there is not much IVOPTs can do with its
current shape.

We did discuss about extending the pass to handle non-scev memory references in
other PRs, but unless that is implemented, I see no easy fix here.


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