[Bug gcov-profile/94928] Doc comments in gcov-io.h do not show cwd and unexec blocks in the Notes file format

myron.walker at gmail dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Mon May 11 19:05:17 GMT 2020


--- Comment #22 from Myron Walker <myron.walker at gmail dot com> ---
It does the same things a gcov and lcov  combined but in python.  It also does
merging of data but in a different way than gcov-tool.  I might need to change
that.  Another part of it is to allow access to different types of resource
location hinting.  so a gcov prefix for a source code might be a github url and
token.  A gcno file hint might be a web url or sub or nfs share.  Like wise the
data file hints might be http, smb or nfs prefixes.


Still a work in progress though.

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