[Bug c++/94829] ICE in poplevel, at cp/decl.c:585 since r10-6063-g49789fd08378e3ff

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Thu May 7 20:07:23 GMT 2020


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The master branch has been updated by Iain D Sandoe <iains@gcc.gnu.org>:


commit r11-178-gc7100843831147a034fe37d231c54ac53ceace45
Author: Iain Sandoe <iain@sandoe.co.uk>
Date:   Thu May 7 19:48:31 2020 +0100

    coroutines: Improve error recovery [PR94817, PR94829].

    When we have completely missing key information (e.g. the
    coroutine_traits) or a partially transformed function body, we
    need to try and balance returning useful information about
    failures with the possibility that some part of the diagnostics
    machinery or following code will not be able to handle the

    The PRs (and revised testcase) point to cases where that processing
    has failed.

    This revises the process to avoid special handling for the
    ramp, and falls back on the same code used for regular function

    There are test-cases (in addition to the ones for the PRs) that now
    cover all early exit points [where the transforms are considered
    to have failed in a manner that does not allow compilation to


    2020-05-07  Iain Sandoe  <iain@sandoe.co.uk>

            PR c++/94817
            PR c++/94829
            * coroutines.cc (morph_fn_to_coro): Set unformed outline
            functions to error_mark_node.  For early error returns suppress
            warnings about missing ramp return values.  Fix reinstatement
            of the function body on pre-existing initial error.
            * decl.c (finish_function): Use the normal error path for fails
            in the ramp function, do not try to compile the helpers if the
            transform fails.


    2020-05-07  Iain Sandoe  <iain@sandoe.co.uk>

            PR c++/94817
            PR c++/94829
            * g++.dg/coroutines/coro-missing-final-suspend.C: New test.
            * g++.dg/coroutines/coro-missing-initial-suspend.C: New test.
            * g++.dg/coroutines/coro-missing-promise-yield.C: Check for
            continuation of compilation.
            * g++.dg/coroutines/coro-missing-promise.C: Likewise.
            * g++.dg/coroutines/coro-missing-ret-value.C: Likewise
            * g++.dg/coroutines/coro-missing-ret-void.C: Likewise
            * g++.dg/coroutines/coro-missing-ueh-3.C: Likewise
            * g++.dg/coroutines/pr94817.C: New test.
            * g++.dg/coroutines/pr94829.C: New test.

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