[Bug fortran/96325] Unclassifiable statement with syntax similar to a type-bound procedure call is accepted

chilikin.k at gmail dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Jul 28 21:48:58 GMT 2020


--- Comment #7 from Kirill Chilikin <chilikin.k at gmail dot com> ---
Result of git bisect:

$ git bisect log
git bisect start
# bad: [6e6e3f144a33ae504149dc992453b4f6dea12fdb] Update ChangeLog and version
files for release
git bisect bad 6e6e3f144a33ae504149dc992453b4f6dea12fdb
# good: [406c2abec3f998e9064919b22db62f38a7c0e7b9] * gennews (files): Add files
for GCC 8.
git bisect good 406c2abec3f998e9064919b22db62f38a7c0e7b9
# good: [7d75ea04cf6d9c8960d5c6119d6203568b7069e9] re PR c++/85437 (member
pointer static upcast rejected in a constexpr context)
git bisect good 7d75ea04cf6d9c8960d5c6119d6203568b7069e9
# good: [5fae049dc272144f8e61af94ee0ba42b270915e5] OpenACC Profiling Interface
git bisect good 5fae049dc272144f8e61af94ee0ba42b270915e5
# bad: [271da732841345d3834cf458d47f8242ac5ef513] PR testsuite/92127: Disable
unrolling for some vect code model cases
git bisect bad 271da732841345d3834cf458d47f8242ac5ef513
# good: [4a2e9be1ac7c8f4c37b5deb4ce0b0f39925e56c9] [Ada] New parameter Quiet
for procedure GNAT.Command_Line.Getopt
git bisect good 4a2e9be1ac7c8f4c37b5deb4ce0b0f39925e56c9
# bad: [0968003dd08a9e9f83bee955bbdc259a781f044f] PR c++/91819 - ICE with
operator++ and enum.
git bisect bad 0968003dd08a9e9f83bee955bbdc259a781f044f
# good: [32b1d51f16fe56b34e979fcfba4bc74dbd3592a9] runtime: move osinit to Go
git bisect good 32b1d51f16fe56b34e979fcfba4bc74dbd3592a9
# bad: [a1fc3891ebb77c1bdf68ce70c074eb907d21771a] go/internal/gccgoimporter:
support embedded field in pointer loop
git bisect bad a1fc3891ebb77c1bdf68ce70c074eb907d21771a
# bad: [e7414688f16c4c9db2dacbc31da683887b4ba1bd] re PR middle-end/90501 (ICE:
address taken, but ADDRESSABLE bit not set)
git bisect bad e7414688f16c4c9db2dacbc31da683887b4ba1bd
# good: [a37ab089c22f8be834bb1b5fd4c0454224db9b0f] 2019-09-01  François Dumont 
git bisect good a37ab089c22f8be834bb1b5fd4c0454224db9b0f
# bad: [c6c2d1bc9bc3eb3606af6a198e74170bd906e199] re PR other/79543
(Inappropriate "ld --version" checking)
git bisect bad c6c2d1bc9bc3eb3606af6a198e74170bd906e199
# good: [1525fa83cc704ba18738eb2eab76a7f4d6bfde6b] re PR
tree-optimization/91632 (Probably wrong code since r275026)
git bisect good 1525fa83cc704ba18738eb2eab76a7f4d6bfde6b
# bad: [75f935365dba3eb5e9cbd11bc0d75009cad3d019] [AArch64] Add Linux hwcap
strings for some extensions
git bisect bad 75f935365dba3eb5e9cbd11bc0d75009cad3d019
# bad: [f79be3a7dbf8d9cd7e675918472ebc3c2c9d5e47] re PR fortran/91589 (ICE in
gfc_conv_component_ref, at fortran/trans-expr.c:2447)
git bisect bad f79be3a7dbf8d9cd7e675918472ebc3c2c9d5e47
# good: [be0fb5484a64414878c31a1606b07175b54ecb90] re PR fortran/91552 (ICE
with valid array constructor)
git bisect good be0fb5484a64414878c31a1606b07175b54ecb90
# first bad commit: [f79be3a7dbf8d9cd7e675918472ebc3c2c9d5e47] re PR
fortran/91589 (ICE in gfc_conv_component_ref, at fortran/trans-expr.c:2447)

f79be3a7dbf8d9cd7e675918472ebc3c2c9d5e47 is the first bad commit
commit f79be3a7dbf8d9cd7e675918472ebc3c2c9d5e47
Author: Paul Thomas <pault@gcc.gnu.org>
Date:   Mon Sep 2 19:54:02 2019 +0000

    re PR fortran/91589 (ICE in gfc_conv_component_ref, at

    2019-09-02  Paul Thomas  <pault@gcc.gnu.org>

            PR fortran/91589
            * primary.c (gfc_match_varspec): Return MATCH_NO on an apparent
            component ref, when the primary type is intrinsic.

    2019-09-02  Paul Thomas  <pault@gcc.gnu.org>

            PR fortran/91589
            * gfortran.dg/pr91589.f90 : New test.

    From-SVN: r275324

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