[Bug fortran/96220] -fc-prototypes forgets types for doubles

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Thu Jul 23 17:35:24 GMT 2020


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The releases/gcc-9 branch has been updated by Thomas Kथà¤nig


commit r9-8760-g159c7ca3c3ce34e401b9e57734ecca8b37d8a0ec
Author: Thomas Koenig <tkoenig@gcc.gnu.org>
Date:   Sun Jul 19 17:27:45 2020 +0200

    Always use name from c_interop_kinds_table for -fc-prototypes.

    When a user specified a KIND that was a parameter taking the value
    of an iso_c_binding KIND, the code used the name of that parameter
    to look up the type name.  Corrected by always looking it up in
    the table of C interop kinds (which was previously done for
    non-C-interop types, anyway).


            PR fortran/96220
            * dump-parse-tree.c (get_c_type_name): Always use the entries from
            c_interop_kinds_table to find the correct C type.

    (cherry picked from commit 2e1b25350aa96b3f5678a056d0b55bb323c452d9)

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