[Bug target/96015] [10/11 Regression] gcc-10.1.0 miscompiles Python on hppa

slyfox at inbox dot ru gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Thu Jul 2 20:21:08 GMT 2020


--- Comment #22 from Sergei Trofimovich <slyfox at inbox dot ru> ---
(In reply to Martin Liška from comment #17)
> For me tree optimized dump is correct, so likely a target issue.

Yeah, I agree. I finally understood why memory loads disappear (duh!).

> @Sergei: Is GCC 9 working properly?
> Would it be possible to bisect that?

gcc-9 seems to work, bu I'm not sure if it's intentional or unrelated
optimization passes change the code enough.

I'll try to cook up even smaller example given that -fno-delayed-branch seems
to be a culprit and then bisect gcc.

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