[Bug fortran/71706] [8/9 Regression] [Coarray] ICE on using sync images with integer(kind<>4), with -fcoarray=lib -fcheck=bounds

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Thu Jul 2 18:30:06 GMT 2020


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The releases/gcc-8 branch has been updated by Harald Anlauf


commit r8-10340-g10b028c2813f683a8ebab7d36c9d0d05b49a710b
Author: Harald Anlauf <anlauf@gmx.de>
Date:   Mon Jun 29 15:15:49 2020 +0200

    PR fortran/71706 - ICE on using sync images with -fcheck=bounds

    The run-time checking code did not properly convert the kind of the
    argument to SYNC IMAGES, leading to an error in verify_gimple.  Fix that.

            PR fortran/71706
            * trans-stmt.c (gfc_trans_sync): Do proper kind conversion in
            bounds-checking code.

    (cherry picked from commit e6cc67f6616c96f3e18a434e0c74ba2f3818cb6d)

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