[Bug fortran/88076] Shared Memory implementation for Coarrays

damian at sourceryinstitute dot org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Jan 29 19:50:00 GMT 2019


--- Comment #8 from Damian Rouson <damian at sourceryinstitute dot org> ---
(In reply to Nicolas Koenig from comment #7)

> I actually opted to use multiprocessing with shared memory (shm_open() & co)
> instead of multithreading, since it will be much easier and faster with
> static variables, of which gfortran makes extensive use. Also, it greatly
> simplifies interoperability with OpenMP. 

This sounds like a great choice.  I have no prior familiarity with shm_open(),
but I very much like the idea of simplifying interoperability with OpenMP. 

> The only real downsides I can think of are slower spinup times... 

It will be interesting to compare the performance with MPI.  I also wonder if
this would also someday provide for a hybrid implementation wherein shm_open()
is used within a node and MPI is used across nodes, e.g., maybe images within
a TEAM could use shm_open() to communicate, while any communication between
TEAMs could use MPI.

> I actually think it would be best not to turn it into a separate library but
> instead integrate it into libgfortran. 

I agree. 

> This way, it will not be necessary to
> install a seperate library and thereby make it easier for people to start
> using coarrays. Therefore, it would make sense to use the libgfortran
> descriptors.

> At the moment, sync_all() is called after image creation.

I think that will suffice.

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