[Bug fortran/56789] Wrong code with contiguous dummy argument

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Tue Oct 2 13:50:00 GMT 2018


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Hi Thomas,

The centre of gravity for this problem is trans-array.c:7905. This is
triggering the packing of the array, which will indeed make the data
contiguous. However, the bounds and strides are not being reset
accordingly and passed to 'foo'.

To accomplish this, a new descriptor must be made and the packed data
pointed to by it's data field.

As a matter of curiosity, is a deferred shape array allowed to be
contiguous if it is not allocatable? According to IBM: The entity that
is specified with the CONTIGUOUS attribute must be an array pointer,
an assumed-shape array, or an assumed-rank object.

Even if that were allowed, the standard explicitly disallows the
argument association in the testcase: See 5.3.7 of the F2008 standard.



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> Paul, I'm adding you to the CC in the hope that the analysis
> in comment#7 might help you towards a solution that is
> glaringly obvious to you (but not to me :-)
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