[Bug web/85837] Listing of all error and warning messages

eyalroz at technion dot ac.il gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Fri May 18 21:01:00 GMT 2018


--- Comment #4 from Eyal Rozenberg <eyalroz at technion dot ac.il> ---
(In reply to Jonathan Wakely from comment #3)
> There's https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/VerboseDiagnostics for a few such errors.

Well, that's a (tiny) start... however:

* I wouldn't have found it if you wouldn't have provided the link - and I did
search the Wiki (albeit not very thoroughly)
* I think that has low search engine visibility
* I believe there should be some auto-generated skeleton of that (either a
single page or multiple pages) which collects all error messages.
* I would definitely separate the language-specific errors for different
languages  (perhaps an even finer separation into pages is called for, but
certainly at least that)

> This absolutely should be done by users, not the GCC developers. We're all
> busy working on GCC already, and if we knew how to make the diagnostics
> easier to understand then we'd already have done it.

Fair enough, but, honestly - if the page says "Please, feel free to suggest new
content in gcc-help mailing list" - practically nobody will contribute.

Also, I'm sure that some of this could be adapted from from other sources

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