[Bug d/88462] All D execution tests FAIL on Solaris/SPARC

ibuclaw at gdcproject dot org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Sun Dec 16 21:57:00 GMT 2018


--- Comment #12 from Iain Buclaw <ibuclaw at gdcproject dot org> ---
(In reply to Johannes Pfau from comment #10)
> I guess the proper fix to the alignment problem is using
> 'https://dlang.org/phobos/std_traits.html#classInstanceAlignment' (or rather
> the druntime equivalent) instead of Mutex.alignof + the rounding / slice
> assignment fixes?
> Regarding the ModuleInfo problem: Although ModuleInfo does have a variable
> size, _flags ist the first field in the struct. So the whole struct instance
> has to be misaligned for some reason? Is the minfo section aligned properly?

ModuleInfo is forced an alignment of 1.  It should be instead aligned to
`max(uint.sizeof, size_t.sizeof)` so that both named and variable data parts
can be read without alignment problems.

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