[Bug libstdc++/87071] libstdc++ crashes during GPU driver initialization with suspected attempt to execute unsupported instruction by Athlon64 X2 TK-57

virtuousfox at gmail dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Thu Aug 23 12:50:00 GMT 2018


--- Comment #3 from Sergey Kondakov <virtuousfox at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to Jonathan Wakely from comment #2)
> (EE) Illegal instruction at address 0x7ffff2f2c8ea
> I don't see how this can possibly be a libstdc++ problem, since libstdc++
> doesn't produce any CPU instructions, illegal or not.
> As I already said to you, there's nothing we can do with this info.

And Mesa devs said that it is. So everyone points fingers at each other in a
circle and what am I supposed to do ?

Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
0x00007ffff2f2c8ea in _GLOBAL__sub_I_lower_x86.cpp () at
350             return static_cast<char_type*>(__builtin_memcpy(__s1, __s2,
#0  0x00007ffff2f2c8ea in _GLOBAL__sub_I_lower_x86.cpp () at
        InitializeLowerX86PassFlag = {_M_once = 0}
        SwrJit::intrinsicMap2[abi:cxx11] = {std::map with 0 elements, std::map
with 0 elements, std::map with 0 elements}
        std::__ioinit = {static _S_refcount = 13, static _S_synced_with_stdio =
        SwrJit::DOUBLE = <optimized out>
        std::piecewise_construct = <optimized out>
        (anonymous namespace)::ForceMCJITLinking = <optimized out>
        SwrJit::intrinsicMap[abi:cxx11] = std::map with 0 elements
        SwrJit::LowerX86::ID = 0 '\000'

Is include/c++/8/bits/char_traits.h not part of libstdc++ ?
If your code is correct then whose isn't ?

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