[Bug fortran/82375] PDT error

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Sat Sep 30 21:02:00 GMT 2017


Dominique d'Humieres <dominiq at lps dot ens.fr> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Dominique d'Humieres <dominiq at lps dot ens.fr> ---
Reduced test

module precision_module
  implicit none
  integer, parameter :: sp = selected_real_kind(6, 37)
  integer, parameter :: dp = selected_real_kind(15, 307)
  integer, parameter :: qp = selected_real_kind( 30, 291)
end module precision_module

module link_module
  use precision_module
  type link(real_kind)
    integer, kind :: real_kind
    real (kind=real_kind) :: n
    type (link(real_kind)), pointer :: next
  end type link
end module link_module

program ch2701
  use precision_module
  use link_module
  implicit none
  integer, parameter :: wp = dp
  type (link(real_kind=wp)), pointer :: root, current
end program ch2701

Note the double quote due to 

                  gfc_error ("The derived parameter '%qs' at %C does not "
                             "have a default value", param->name);

in fortran/decl.c.

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