[Bug fortran/83224] creating character array from elements shorter than declared does not pad with whitespace properly and aborts

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--- Comment #1 from Dominique d'Humieres <dominiq at lps dot ens.fr> ---
Confirmed from 5.5.0 up to trunk.

With the reduced test case

program dusty_corner ! exercise f2008 CHARACTER features
implicit none
character(len=:),allocatable :: words(:)
character(len=:),allocatable :: words1(:), words2(:)

words1=[character(len=3) :: 'one', 'two']
words2=[character(len=5) :: words1, 'three']

words=[character(len=3) :: 'one', 'two']
words=[character(len=5) :: words, 'three']

end program dusty_corner

I get

[one  ][two  ][three]

The problem comes from using 'words' in both sides of the assignment.

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[Bug 68241] [meta-bug] [F03] Deferred-length character

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