[Bug tree-optimization/82977] [8 Regression] AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free in strlen_optimize_stmt .././../gcc/tree-ssa-strlen.c:2971

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Untested fix.  The bug is obvious, hash_map::put does:
  bool put (const Key &k, const Value &v)
      hash_entry *e = m_table.find_slot_with_hash (k, Traits::hash (k),
      bool existed = !hash_entry::is_empty (*e);
      if (!existed)
        e->m_key = k;

      e->m_value = v;
      return existed;
so passing it a reference to a value inside of the hash map is wrong, because
if the hash map needs to be reallocated, it will make the reference refer to
freed memory.

I'll bootstrap/regtest this.

In any case,
static hash_map<tree, stridx_strlenloc> strlen_to_stridx;
is also wrong because it uselessly requires static initialization.  See e.g.
decl_to_stridxlist_htab next to it, that is a pointer to hash_map instead.

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