[Bug target/65837] [arm-linux-gnueabihf] lto1 target specific builtin not available

rguenth at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Apr 22 08:54:00 GMT 2015


--- Comment #1 from Richard Biener <rguenth at gcc dot gnu.org> ---

/* Return the ARM builtin for CODE.  */

arm_builtin_decl (unsigned code, bool initialize_p ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED)
  if (code >= ARM_BUILTIN_MAX)
    return error_mark_node;

  return arm_builtin_decls[code];

and LTO passes in true for initialize_p ...

Thus it looks like arm is simply missing LTO support for builtins
(eventually a new symptom here because of the way we stream compiler
options now, with target attributes)

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