[Bug go/64683] FAIL: runtime/pprof -- testing.go:278: The entry did not match

ian at airs dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Fri Apr 17 20:45:00 GMT 2015


--- Comment #11 from Ian Lance Taylor <ian at airs dot com> ---
This bug may have the same symptoms but it has a completely different cause. 
Next time, please do not reopen the bug unless you are certain it has the same
cause.  Please open a new bug instead.  Thanks.

The immediate cause of this problem is PR 65797.  That bug is causing
libbacktrace to fail to determine the name of the __go_make_slice1 function,
which causes the runtime/pprof package to fail to see that the stack frame is a
Go runtime stack frame which should not be reported, which causes the test to
fail because an extra unexpected stack frame is being reported.

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