[Bug jit/64206] fake.so is unlinked too early for some users

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Mon Apr 13 15:03:00 GMT 2015


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--- Comment #8 from drepper.fsp+rhbz at gmail dot com <drepper.fsp+rhbz at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to David Malcolm from comment #5)
> Does this fix the symptoms you're seeing?

Sorry for the delay, I'm terribly behind.

I just tried it and I don't see any improvement.  This is on Fedora 21 with a
mainline gcc.  By the call to the loaded function is made the entire directory
the jit uses is gone.  This is before the call to gcc_jit_results_release. 
Since I don't have a fixed gdb (or more correct: BFD) I still see the gdb

I haven't looked at the logic of your patch.  From my perspective the right
solution is still to enable, on request, to delay removing all the files until
the call to gcc_jit_result_release.  There is already this interface available,
let's use it for one more thing.  For production runs we probably want the
current behavior.

I don't think you need any code to reproduce, I see the problem with a trivial
hello world like the one below.  Just put a breakpoint on line 55 (the call to
some_fn) and step into the function.  I immediately get

Can't read data for section '.eh_frame' in file '/tmp/libgccjit-a07Nh7/fake.so'

and upon issuing p $pc gdb will crash (gdb 7.8.2-38.fc21).

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