[Bug target/61770] march=native detects corei7-avx on non avx cpu (Celeron 847)

mikpelinux at gmail dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Thu Oct 16 14:29:00 GMT 2014


--- Comment #2 from Mikael Pettersson <mikpelinux at gmail dot com> ---
(In reply to R. Dragone from comment #1)
> Just encountered the same problem myself.
> >> gcc -march=native -E -v - </dev/null 2>&1 | grep cc1
>  /usr/libexec/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/4.7.3/cc1 -E -quiet -v -
> -march=corei7-avx -mcx16 -msahf -mno-movbe -mno-aes -mpclmul -mpopcnt
> -mno-abm -mno-lwp -mno-fma -mno-fma4 -mno-xop -mno-bmi -mno-bmi2 -mno-tbm
> -mno-avx -mno-avx2 

-march=corei7-avx -mno-avx -mno-avvx2

looks strange, but should (in principle) work.  Is there an actual code
generation error (avx code erroneously emitted)?

4.7 is no longer maintained, please check if 4.8.3 and 4.9.1 have the same

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