[Bug fortran/62283] SSE optimization fails

holst at matmech dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Aug 27 11:52:00 GMT 2014


--- Comment #1 from Henrik Holst <holst at matmech dot com> ---
(forgot to indent the end statement above.)

The expected assembler code should be something like:

    movaps    %xmm0, %xmm1
    movups    (%rdi), %xmm0
    shufps    $0, %xmm1, %xmm1
    movups    (%rsi), %xmm2
    mulps    %xmm1, %xmm0
    addps    %xmm2, %xmm0
    movups    %xmm0, (%rsi)

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