[Bug target/62025] [4.9/4.10 Regression] Miscompilation of openssl sha512.c

jakub at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Mon Aug 11 14:02:00 GMT 2014


--- Comment #3 from Jakub Jelinek <jakub at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
Note, when I replace the if+abort with a printout of all the 8 c.h[] values and
take a poll of the results from:
./cc1.208700 -m31 -O0 sha.c -o sha0.s -quiet -nostdinc
./cc1.207604 -nostdinc -quiet -O2 -m31 -march=z196 -mtune=z10 sha.c -o sha1.s
./cc1.207605 -nostdinc -quiet -O2 -m31 -march=z196 -mtune=z10 sha.c -o sha2.s
./cc1.207604 -nostdinc -quiet -O2 -mno-lra -m31 -march=z196 -mtune=z10 sha.c -o
./cc1.207605 -nostdinc -quiet -O2 -m31 -march=z196 -mno-lra -mtune=z10 sha.c -o
/usr/src/gcc/objz/gcc/cc1 -nostdinc -quiet -O2 -m31 -march=z196 -mtune=z10
sha.c -o sha5.s
/usr/src/gcc/objz/gcc/cc1 -nostdinc -quiet -O2 -m31 -march=z196 -mtune=z10
sha.c -o sha6.s -mno-lra
where /usr/src/gcc/objz/gcc/cc1 is trunk from around Aug 5th, I get different
results from the testcase, and also if I remove the last line or two lines from
the loop in the function.  But which function have different result from the
-O0 results depends on how many lines are removed.
With no lines removed (G for results matching -O0, B for different result):
With the last line removed the results are GBGBBGB.
With the last two lines removed GBGBBGG, when 3 or more lines from the loop are
removed, all results are the same (i.e. all Gs).
As I believe the testcase doesn't have undefined behavior with any of the loop
lines removed, this shows that perhaps the shrink wrapping case just changed
things big enough that some RA or later issue either started appearing, or went

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