[Bug c++/60517] warning/error for taking address of member of a temporary object

manu at gcc dot gnu.org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Sun Apr 6 09:00:00 GMT 2014


--- Comment #12 from Manuel López-Ibáñez <manu at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
(In reply to Marc Glisse from comment #11)
> Created attachment 32551 [details]
> first try
> With clobber removal now.

Why do you want to remove the clobber? 

I understood your idea to avoid duplicated warnings was to add
__builtin_unreachable and replace the value.

Could be possible to have a special var/value that is marked as artificial such
that the warning code never warns for statements containing this variable? We
already have DECL_ARTIFICIAL in the FE but I am not sure whether that survives
to the middle-end.

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