[Bug libfortran/58020] Code for handling IEEE exceptions

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> I'm not really an expert on any architecture.  But there is an important
> point that I think should not be missed.  According to Van Snyder, a
> long-time member of the Fortran standards committee, if there is no
> support for the IEEE exceptions, a module must be provided that enables
> a program to query whether such support is provided.  I strongly
> recommend that such an intrinsic module be provided for architectures
> that are not supported.  

I suspect that you are not recalling what Van said correctly.  
The first 2 sentences of Fortran 2008, Sec. 14 are

   The intrinsic modules IEEE_EXCEPTIONS, IEEE_ARITHMETIC, and
   IEEE_FEATURES provide support for the facilities defined by IEC
   60559:1989*.  Whether the modules are provided is processor

This clearly means that a processeor is not required by the
standard to provide these modules.  There is no other module
defined in Sec. 14.  AFAICT, the only way to tell if one or
more of these modules is present it to read the documentation
that comes with the processor or simply try compiling a
program that USEs them.

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