[Bug sanitizer/58718] Invalid check in libsanitizer

y.gribov at samsung dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Tue Nov 5 08:21:00 GMT 2013


--- Comment #5 from Yury Gribov <y.gribov at samsung dot com> ---
(In reply to Alexey Samsonov from comment #2)
> I've already fixed the problem with crashes caused by small
> "malloc_context_size" values. I think you should wait till the ASan runtime
> will be merged from LLVM into GCC.

I can reproduce this with current Clang/compiler-rt:

 $ cat main.cpp
 int main() {
   delete new char[20];
   return 0;
 $ ~/install/bin/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu-clang -g -O0 main.cpp
-fsanitize=address -o a.out
 $  ASAN_OPTIONS=malloc_context_size=0:fast_unwind_on_malloc=0 ./a.out
 ==15804==AddressSanitizer CHECK failed:
"((id)) != (0)" (0x0, 0x0)


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