[Bug libfortran/30162] [4.7/4.8 Regression] I/O with named pipes does not work

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Sat Nov 24 12:06:00 GMT 2012


--- Comment #28 from Thomas Koenig <tkoenig at gcc dot gnu.org> 2012-11-24 12:05:57 UTC ---
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> (In reply to comment #26)
> > Is this caused by
> > 
> > http://gcc.gnu.org/viewcvs?view=revision&revision=180701
> > 
> > ?
> > 
> > Maybe we need to remember if we have a special file after all, or just ignore
> > the error on the truncate.
> IMHO the correct fix is to not seek and/or truncate the file unless the Fortran
> semantics require it; that way libgfortran does not need to care whether the
> file is special or not. As explained in #c23, special files are special in
> different ways (also different on different OS'es), and trying to enumerate all
> the ways in which they are special is bound to fail. 
> I think Tobias comment #c24 pinpoints the place which needs to be fixed, but
> unfortunately I haven't had time to look into it.

Well, we need to make sure that the (very basic) program

      program main
      character*10 x
      write (10,'(A)') '1111'
      write (10,'(A)') '2222'
      close (10)
      write (10,'(A)') '3333'
      close (10)
 100  continue
        read (10,'(A)',end=200) x
        write (*,'(A)') x
      goto 100
 200  continue

continues to work as expected: That probably means truncating on
close and rewind.

I can see what I can do, but I have little time... (as always)

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