[Bug fortran/52832] ASSOCIATE construct with proc-pointer selector is rejected

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Mon Apr 2 10:31:00 GMT 2012


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--- Comment #1 from Tobias Burnus <burnus at gcc dot gnu.org> 2012-04-02 10:30:43 UTC ---
>From Fortran 2008:

 R804  association  is  associate-name => selector
 R805  selector  is  expr
                 or  variable

 R602  variable  is  designator
                 or  expr
 R601  designator  is  object-name

and "expr" boils down to:

R701 primary  is  constant
              or  designator  ! See above
              or ...

Thus, it boils down to the question whether that's fulfilled for a procedure

Note that there such entries, which make me inclined that it is not valid:

R554 saved-entity  is  object-name
                   or  proc-pointer-name
R639 pointer-object  is  variable-name [or ...]
                     or  proc-pointer-name

Possible usage of proc-pointer selectors:
  associate(f => very%long%name%procptr)
    f => something  ! << usage as "variable"
    a = f(4) + f(7) * f(x) + ... ! << usage as "expr"
where the latter is more useful.

A quick test shows that ifort, pgf95 and crayftn accept proc-pointers in

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