[Bug lto/50430] Constructors of static external vars are throwed away leading to missed optimizations (and ipa-cp ICE).

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Thu Sep 22 14:44:00 GMT 2011


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reduced testcase

This is somewhat reduced testcase.  The problem can be a bit illustrated on C.

We have something like

extern vtable[]={vtable2}

where vtable2 sits in other unit and is static.  We however know the
constructor and it is
extern static vtable2[]={function_ptr};

now we can fold vtable[0] to the external vtable2 that we can not reffer in
code, but still can fold references into it into function_ptr.

now with LTO we decide to not stream vtable initializer and replace it by
error_mark losing the knowledge.  This is an regression to 4.6 even though it
is not too important one.

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