[Bug fortran/35831] [F95] Shape mismatch check missing for dummy procedure argument

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--- Comment #7 from janus at gcc dot gnu.org 2011-09-10 11:24:02 UTC ---
Some more F08 standard quotes:

" Actual arguments associated with dummy procedure entities
If the interface of a dummy procedure is explicit, its characteristics as a
procedure (12.3.1) shall be the same as those of its effective argument, ..."

"12.3.1 Characteristics of procedures
The characteristics of a procedure are the classification of the procedure as a
function or subroutine, whether it is pure, whether it is elemental, whether it
has the BIND attribute, the characteristics of its dummy arguments, ..."

" Characteristics of dummy data objects
The characteristics of a dummy data object are its type, its type parameters
(if any), its shape, ...
If a shape, size, or type parameter is assumed or deferred, it is a

Combining the three statements above, F08 clearly demands that the *shape* of
the argument should be the same (meaning that the bounds themselves may

"1.3.128 shape
array dimensionality of a data entity, represented as a rank-one array whose
size is the rank of the data entity and whose elements are the extents of the
data entity"

So I would conclude that:
 * comment #0 is invalid (as well as the original c.l.f. example)
 * comment #2 is valid (ifort's check seems to be too strict)

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