[Bug fortran/31067] MINLOC should sometimes be inlined (gas_dyn is sooooo sloooow)

jakub at gcc dot gnu dot org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Mon Jul 27 11:10:00 GMT 2009

------- Comment #37 from jakub at gcc dot gnu dot org  2009-07-27 11:10 -------
Oh, and on 64-bit arches and float or 32-bit arches and double there is another
complication - the comparison has different mode size from the cond_expr for
pos.  For 32-bit pos and 64-bit double it could perhaps just do the computation
in 64-bit integers (vector of 2 (resp. 4 for avx)), for the other case it would
need to shuffle the max and compute the pos in 2 vectors, or e.g. the Fortran
FE could hand in the common case, emit a likely look for the case where array
size is smaller than 4GB, using 32-bit pos zero extended to 64-bits at the end.



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