[Bug tree-optimization/39207] [4.4 Regression] Strict aliasing warnings in libstdc++ headers

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Tue Feb 17 10:59:00 GMT 2009

------- Comment #8 from rguenth at gcc dot gnu dot org  2009-02-17 10:59 -------
Ok, that was easy.  I thought I had fixed that already...  what happens is
that we warn if we pruned the points-to set to { NULL } as well (I have a
patch for emitting 'dereferencing NULL pointer', but that triggers in dead
code during bootstrap).

Likely this case is from dead code as well.  All cases look like

<bb 13>:
  SR.124_23 = &__y_22->D.15162;
  D.17759_25 = (struct _Rb_tree_node *) &best_scores._M_t._M_impl._M_header;
  D.17760_26 = &D.17759_25->D.15162;
  if (SR.124_23 == D.17760_26)
    goto <bb 19>;
    goto <bb 14>;

<bb 14>:
  __x.43_27 = (const struct _Rb_tree_node *) SR.124_23;
  # VUSE <D.17842_279(ab), SMT.310_289(ab), SMT.314_293(ab)>
  D.18448_101 = D.15081_1->_M_dataplus._M_p;
  D.18449_102 = (struct _Rep *) D.18448_101;
  D.18450_103 = D.18449_102 + -12;
  # VUSE <SMT.311_290(ab), SMT.312_291(ab)>
  D.18451_104 = D.18450_103->D.11464._M_length;
  # __size_296 = VDEF <__size_282(ab)>
  __size = D.18451_104;
  # VUSE <SMT.310_289(ab), SMT.312_291(ab)>
  D.18452_105 = __x.43_27->_M_value_field.first._M_dataplus._M_p;

where __x.43_27 is the offending pointer here.  __y_22 points to
{ NULL best_scores.32+32 }, best_scores.32+32 may not be accessed through
__x.43_27 and so is pruned.

I have a patch.


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