[Bug tree-optimization/36291] GCC is slow and memory-hungry building sipQtGuipart.cpp

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Mon May 26 14:21:00 GMT 2008

------- Comment #8 from hubicka at ucw dot cz  2008-05-26 14:20 -------
Subject: Re:  GCC is slow and memory-hungry building sipQtGuipart.cpp

> As noted in comment #1 variable annotations are a major problem (they are
> duplicated for global variables, for each function the variable is referenced
> from).
> It happens that sharing variable annotations for globals between functions
> reduces peak memory usage by 1GB.  So that's were I'm currently looking at.

The problem of var annotations is that they contain a lot of local stuff
+ little of stuff that is specific per function (that is aliasing info,
for instance).
Breaking out the local stuff and allocating the global stuff only where
needed is way I wanted to go for a while, but we never got actually into
agreement how to get there.

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