[Bug other/32923] [4.3 Regression] too many memory references for `lea'

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Sat Jul 28 22:10:00 GMT 2007

------- Comment #6 from rosana07a at gmail dot com  2007-07-28 22:10 -------
As a mathematician and logician the handling os this PR and my previous PR32720
make no sense. A fellow worker told me about fortan 90/95 under gcc-4.3. the
only thing in common with both PR's was a change from gcc-4.2.x to 4.3.
Everything else remained constant. Consequently the change in behavior is most
logically due to that change. 

I am not a C language programmer and much less versed in assembly and CPU
architectures. I got error messages with invitations to file reports, which I
did according to instructions.

To my knowledge the C library is part of the C compiler. Both gcc and glibc are
part of the Free Software Foundation. Hence, it is up to whoever handled this
report to pass it on to the glibc people. 

Based on my experience and the material in the supposed duplicate to PR32720 I
will advise my employer to stay away from anything emanating from the Free
Software Foundation.


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