[Bug tree-optimization/32865] [4.3 Regression] glibc ICE's gcc-4.3.0 SSA corruption

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Mon Jul 23 18:33:00 GMT 2007

------- Comment #6 from michelin60 at gmail dot com  2007-07-23 18:33 -------
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> Subject: Re:  [4.3 Regression] glibc ICE's gcc-4.3.0 SSA corruption 
>         No, you do not.  You submitted the bug.  Let the GCC developers
> decide how best to triage and analyse the bug.
> David

Well David here is an interesting quote:

IMO the most notorious case is how
the gcc development is held hostage by Edelsohn and maybe IBM as a whole by
requesting that everything always works perfectly well on AIX. How often has
one seen "this patch breaks AIX, back it out". It cannot reasonably be expected
that everybody tests on AIX. It is an proprietary OS running on proprietary and
expensive hardware which not many people have access to. The overall
development speed could be significantly improved by dropping the AIX
requirement which, in some form or another, has been agreed upon by the
steering committee. AIX is irrelevant in general today, i.e., the situation
changed. And the people in the steering committee are too nice to just tell the
very small minority causing the problem to take a hike. 



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