[Bug c++/16696] Strange message when operator++ not found

pcarlini at suse dot de gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Sat Jul 7 18:27:00 GMT 2007

------- Comment #11 from pcarlini at suse dot de  2007-07-07 18:27 -------
One comment, to avoid wasting time (I don't have the time to understand why the
old library-simulation of concept checks is discussed in a C++ PR): for sure we
are not going to enable by default the simulated concept checks (and all the
compile-time performace issues and slight non-conformance issues). It's way,
way, too late for that. *Real* concepts are finally, gloriously coming in
C++0x. We can only consider slightly tweaking what we have in case some of the
"concepts" are slightly off. Only a tad above regression-only mode.



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