[Bug other/32783] gcc-4_3-trunk/libiberty/configure - for ac_func gettimeofday ... gettimeofday - tests twice

rob1weld at aol dot com gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Mon Aug 6 04:28:00 GMT 2007

------- Comment #6 from rob1weld at aol dot com  2007-08-06 04:27 -------
Thanks DJ. That only leaves this in gcc-4_3-trunk/libiberty/configure.ac :

(Line 360):
# These are neither executed nor required, but they help keep
# autoheader happy without adding a bunch of text to acconfig.h.
if test "x" = "y"; then
  AC_CHECK_FUNCS(asprintf atexit basename bcmp bcopy bsearch bzero calloc clock
  getcwd getpagesize gettimeofday index insque mkstemps memchr memcmp memcpy \
  memmove mempcpy memset putenv random rename rindex sigsetmask \
  strcasecmp setenv stpcpy stpncpy strchr strdup strncasecmp strndup strrchr
strstr \
  strtod strtol strtoul strverscmp tmpnam vasprintf vfprintf vprintf \
  vsprintf waitpid getrusage on_exit psignal strerror strsignal \
  sysconf times sbrk gettimeofday ffs snprintf vsnprintf \
  pstat_getstatic pstat_getdynamic sysmp getsysinfo table sysctl wait3 wait4 \
  realpath canonicalize_file_name __fsetlocking)
  AC_CHECK_DECLS([basename, ffs, asprintf, vasprintf, snprintf, vsnprintf])
  AC_DEFINE(HAVE_SYS_ERRLIST, 1, [Define if you have the sys_errlist
  AC_DEFINE(HAVE_SYS_NERR,    1, [Define if you have the sys_nerr variable.])
  AC_DEFINE(HAVE_SYS_SIGLIST, 1, [Define if you have the sys_siglist

There is "gettimeofday" two times in that section - the other sections were
altered to remove the duplicate.

Should ONE of the "gettimeofday" occurances be "settimeofday" ?



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