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Yes, I plan on making an ecj jar download available.
In the near term I will put one on gcc.gnu.org (or elsewhere).
In the longer term I plan to get my ecj changes upstream, and then
we will be able to point people at the official eclipse.org download
(eclipse.org started releasing separate ecj jars recently).

Our particular ecj has a new driver which is tailored for gcc's use.
gcj on the branch looks for a program called "ecj1".
I just have this as a simple shell script, but there are any number of
ways to do this... eg you could compile ecj.jar to an executable using

This is found using the normal gcc specs approach.  In a distribution
I'd expect ecj1 to end up in the gcc-lib dir.  In my case I just have
it on my PATH.

We won't be including the ecj sources in the gcc tree.  As I recall that
was rejected by the SC.  So it will always be a separate download.

We also require a new version of gcjh.  This is also written in java.
The code is part of GNU Classpath, but instead of struggling with the
bootstrap issues there, I'll again just make a downloadable jar.

Both ecj and the new gcjh can be run on any vm, including all the free
ones.  I've built libgcj many times running these purely interpreted
and it is not painfully slow.


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