Conflicting 'typedef' error - Which gcc switch to use?

Mon Sep 18 15:41:00 GMT 2006

I am using gcc3.3.5 on solaris2.7. Its a 64 bit compilation

I am compiling a file 'plugin.cpp'. It includes mach.h and the complation
gives the following error. 
mach.h  error: conflicting
   types for `typedef vx_u32_t off32_t'

/usr/include/sys/types32.h:30: error: previous declaration as `typedef

I cant remove mach.h, neither i can edit the file mach.h
Is there any particular switch/flag which can resolve the conflicting
'typedef' error

The flags i am using are - 
/usr/local/gcc/3.3.5/bin/gcc -c -fpermissive -fno-gnu-keywords -DXTFUNCPROTO
-Usun -xildoff -fPIC -m64 -xchip=ultra -xarch=v9 -xnone -DLGTO_LP64 -g

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