[Bug other/29049] possible problem: building gcc >= 4.2 on i686 GNU/Linux|SMP (non-64bit) platform fails

WISD00M at GMX dot NET gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Wed Sep 13 00:44:00 GMT 2006

------- Comment #16 from WISD00M at GMX dot NET  2006-09-13 00:44 -------
Also, with regards to "bad hardware": this is a multiprocessor server system
that's in use every day, it's got numerous inbuilt hardware failure-detection
mechanisms, so as soon as there's a CPU, memory or hard disk problem, the admin
(me) gets notified immediatley. And there are clearly not any warnings at all. 

So, given all these self-tests (that even take almost ~5 minutes before the
actual system really boots up) I should actually be able to be reasonably sure
that this is no hardware problem at all.

You said you were able to build it on i686-linux-gnu, was this also an SMP
machine? I am really more than willing to take into consideration that this is
a local (software) problem (i.e. due to parts of the GNU toolchain being
outdated or whatever), nonetheless the previously mentioned google findings
suggest that it isn't a totally isolated issue at all.



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