Are Shares of This Issue Poised For a Run?

Freda Hankins
Fri Jan 6 06:04:00 GMT 2006

Sto ck Al ert for Friday JAn 6th

iPackets International, Inc.
Global Developer and Provider of a Wide Range of Wireless and Communications Solutions for Selected Enterprises Including Mine-Safety (Source: News 1/3/06)

Price: .36

Huge PR For Friday is Underway on IPKL..Radar it Rite Now! Is It Going To Blow Higher From Here? Select Sm all Cap s can Add to Your Portfolio.

Recent News: Go Read the Full Stories Now!

1)iPackets International Comments on iPMine's Value in Light of Recent Mining Disasters in the U.S. and China

2)iPackets International Receives US$85,000 Down Payment for Its First iPMine Deployment in China

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