[Bug web/20336] New: gaps in list archives

jsm28 at gcc dot gnu dot org gcc-bugzilla@gcc.gnu.org
Sat Mar 5 17:41:00 GMT 2005

The online list archives for February, both web and ftp, have gaps around
the time of the system failure (i.e., from last backup to when the system
went down) which need filling in from the qmail archives or any other
archives if there are problems with those.

Note that the ftp mbox archives include headers with the qmail message numbers
so the exact missing messages there can be identified.

Note that MHonarc is supposed to detect duplicates using message-id so
it should be safe to feed in more messages than just the missing ones.

Note that for some archives the message numbers in the presently online
index go backwards, e.g. in the gcc-bugs archives msg00244.html
to msg00284 from after the failure overwrote those messages from before
the failure, although the index pages link to those messages with both
old and new subject headings.  This applies to gcc-bugs, libstdc++, java,
java-patches (quarterly archive), libstdc++-cvs (quarterly), java-prs
(quarterly) at least.

(Issues may also apply for non-GCC lists on the site, though this
isn't strictly within the scope of a GCC bug report.)

           Summary: gaps in list archives
           Product: gcc
           Version: 4.0.0
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: web
        AssignedTo: overseers at gcc dot gnu dot org
        ReportedBy: jsm28 at gcc dot gnu dot org
                CC: gcc-bugs at gcc dot gnu dot org


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